About Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing Advertising Agency develops and follows through with marketing plans that are customized for each of our clients.

Providing over 40 years combined experience our team of marketing and advertising professionals work as an extension to your business.

Allow us to analyze your current marketing and advertising to ensure you are getting the largest return on your investment.

From writing a detailed marketing plan and following it through to advertising the smallest of items we provide our clients marketing services with branding, digital and social media marketing, television, radio, print, billboards, logo design and branding, website design and today’s latest advertising trends and so much more.

Providing Advertising and Marketing Services provided for Businesses, Corporations, Churches, Medical, Community and Non-Profit Organizations.

As the owner of Smart Marketing, I am passionate about meeting with potential clients, sharing my expertise, and talking with them about the value of partnering with us for their marketing needs. Naturally, business owners are sometimes reluctant to “add” an additional expense, especially in the current economic conditions.

I understand that you may think it costs too much to hire an agency, or that you believe that you don’t need an agency’s help, but ask yourself these questions…

  • What is the true cost to my business if I run the wrong campaign?
  • When I spend money on a launch, how will I determine if I’m reaching my target customer?
  • What tools do I have to ensure my dollar will provide me with the return I need?
  • What stopgap measures do I have in place to stop marketing waste?
  • How am I equipped to write a plan that will entice the very customer that I am reliant on?

YOU are an expert in your business, but that doesn’t ensure you are an expert in bringing people into your business.

That’s where Smart Marketing comes in. WE are the experts in reaching new customers and bringing in your target audience; as well as, adding value to your business by creating resources that can be reinvested into your company’s bottom line. In the end, the value to your business will far outweigh the perceived cost.

Spend your time doing what you do best — running your company — and let us spend our time increasing customer response and value

Thank you for visiting our website – Tonya Childs