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Finding the Right Combination of Hashtags for your Restaurant’s Social Media Pages

One of the fastest ways to increase the visibility of your restaurant posts to social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is finding the right combination of hashtags to incorporate!

Hashtags are useful for finding those potential customers who are on the market looking for businesses such as yours. By adding hashtags to your posts you are able to increase your post engagement. One study showed that by adding just a single hashtag, a post’s engagement went up by 12.6% – Finding the right combination of hashtags is also crucial for your business. By using hashtags with a lot of posts you are increasing your contents chances of being seen, but you also don’t want your content to be lost in the thousands of other posts to that hashtag.

It is beneficial to include more personalized hashtags with those more popular hashtags. Adding hashtags that are particular to your business allow customers to easily find your other content. They also make it easier to find your business’s page, as Instagram now allows companies to include active hashtags in their bios!

It is also recommended to use long tail hashtags over short tail hashtags. Long tail hashtags are hashtags over three words that are more specific about a topic such as #andersonscmarketingagency instead of #restaurant. By using more specific hashtags it increases your chances of finding customers who are more interested in your product over those who are just causally scrolling through social media.

Unsure what hashtags to use for your business? A great way to get ideas of what may work for you is to look to your closest competition for inspiration. It is important not to directly copy your competition as that is not good business practice but drawing inspiration for a general idea of what works is not frowned upon.

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GOOGLE REVIEWS are a great way to get your business to rank higher!

Did you know that Google gets over 63,000 searches per second? That’s pretty amazing! GOOGLE REVIEWS are a simple way to get your website higher search rankings as a part of your SEO strategy. It takes a strategic plan for all SEO strategies….however, Google reviews are a great and easy place to start.

Google wants to see your business is valuable and trusted. Ask your customers to share their experience and give you a 5 star review. The more they can write the better! This will also allow potential customers find you more easily and trust they’re going to have an amazing experience before they visit or contact your business.

Make sure you respond to all reviews the great, good, and not so good. This shows your commitment to your customers. And again, it shows Google you are a business owner that cares about your customers.

Due to COVID-19 reviews left for your business will not show up immediately. However, once we are back up and running Google has assured us all reviews will show up under your business information. Ask customers for reviews now during these slower times to help increase your rank when things are back to normal.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or if you would like more information on how Smart Marketing can help your business develop an SEO strategy and strategic marketing plan.

Facebook – New Guides to Help Businesses Deal With The Impacts of COVID – 19

The Impacts of COVID – 19 & Your Business


What a year the first three months of 2020 have been.

It feels like such a long time ago that Facebook was providing guidance for businesses impacted by major bushfires across Australia, and now, The Social Network has published a new set of guides to help businesses dealing with the latest major event – the COVID-19 pandemic, which has effectively shut down the majority of the world.

With a wide range of sectors being hit hard by the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 shutdowns, Facebook has published three new guides:

The short guidebooks offer practical advice on keeping yourself and your staff safe, while also protecting your customers, and maintaining connection, and operations, where possible, via your Facebook properties.

That includes advising people of potential impacts:

Facebook COVID-19 Guide
Facebook COVID-19 guide

There’s a range of ways in which you can utilize Facebook’s various tools for these purposes – and there are likely some you haven’t thought of. As such, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the tips and notes provided to ensure that you’re tapping into all the relevant options.

Facebook COVID-19 guide

Facebook also offers notes on alternate tools for connection using its platforms:

Facebook COVID-19 guides

And practical pointers, which apply to all organizations, across all your various access points:

Facebook COVID-19 guides

There are some helpful notes here – and while not all businesses will be able to operate through alternate channels, the considerations in these guides could provide key pointers on how you can make the best of the current situation, and minimize losses where you can.

How Retailers Are Using AI to Build Trust and Boost Conversions

One of the most effective ways AI is reshaping the digital retail experience is through conversion optimization. Explore how AI will power the digital retail experience in 2020, enabling retailers to boost conversions in ways that build trust with customers.Access now

Of course, online tools can’t totally replace what’s being lost, which is why every Government across the world is working to provide stimulus packages and prop up their respective economies. But with the lockdowns looking likely to stay in place for some time yet, it’s worth exploring ways in which you can maintain connection with your customers, and ensure that you’re maximizing all available opportunities to keep things moving within the environment we now find ourselves.

Nobody wants to be operating within a pandemic, but the more we can find ways to operate within the situation as it is, the more we limit the losses, and position our businesses to come out of the crisis on a stronger footing.

These notes from Facebook provide some key guidance and pointers on this front, and are definitely worth a look.

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