The Impacts of COVID – 19 & Your Business


What a year the first three months of 2020 have been.

It feels like such a long time ago that Facebook was providing guidance for businesses impacted by major bushfires across Australia, and now, The Social Network has published a new set of guides to help businesses dealing with the latest major event – the COVID-19 pandemic, which has effectively shut down the majority of the world.

With a wide range of sectors being hit hard by the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 shutdowns, Facebook has published three new guides:

The short guidebooks offer practical advice on keeping yourself and your staff safe, while also protecting your customers, and maintaining connection, and operations, where possible, via your Facebook properties.

That includes advising people of potential impacts:

Facebook COVID-19 Guide
Facebook COVID-19 guide

There’s a range of ways in which you can utilize Facebook’s various tools for these purposes – and there are likely some you haven’t thought of. As such, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the tips and notes provided to ensure that you’re tapping into all the relevant options.

Facebook COVID-19 guide

Facebook also offers notes on alternate tools for connection using its platforms:

Facebook COVID-19 guides

And practical pointers, which apply to all organizations, across all your various access points:

Facebook COVID-19 guides

There are some helpful notes here – and while not all businesses will be able to operate through alternate channels, the considerations in these guides could provide key pointers on how you can make the best of the current situation, and minimize losses where you can.

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Of course, online tools can’t totally replace what’s being lost, which is why every Government across the world is working to provide stimulus packages and prop up their respective economies. But with the lockdowns looking likely to stay in place for some time yet, it’s worth exploring ways in which you can maintain connection with your customers, and ensure that you’re maximizing all available opportunities to keep things moving within the environment we now find ourselves.

Nobody wants to be operating within a pandemic, but the more we can find ways to operate within the situation as it is, the more we limit the losses, and position our businesses to come out of the crisis on a stronger footing.

These notes from Facebook provide some key guidance and pointers on this front, and are definitely worth a look.

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