Video Marketing – The Biggest Trend in 2021?


With the new year here new trends for marketing have also arrived! Although one of the biggest trends for social media marketing is the continued popularity of short videos as content.

According to research by Wyzowl, 99% of marketers who are currently using videos as their main source of content are planning to continue this strategy in the future. This is likely because of the great engagement and increased likelihood of purchase that video content is shown to gain for businesses! It was also found by Wyzowl that 89% of marketers who use video feel that they get a good return on investment from their video content. An investment that is projected to reach $12.66 billion by 2024!


Research conducted by PR Newswire found that in 2021 the average US consumer will have 9.5 video streaming apps installed on their smartphone. One of the most popular new apps for video streaming being TikTok, the 60 second or less video platform! This app is a major hub of content for younger generations, and they are known to use it as a platform to make recommendations to their peers! Research conducted by Econsultancy in 2020 showed that consumers arriving to a website based off of user-generated video content are 184% more likely to make a purchase.


Since the disruption of COVID-19, 7 out of 10 event organizers have moved their scheduled in-person events to online platforms through the use of video streaming. A trend which nearly half of the event organizers expect to continue for the near future! COVID-19 also lead to the increase in popularity of online education. Electronic Learning, or e-learning, grew by 36.3% in 2020 which is also expected to increase in 2021.


This increase can also be used as a marketing advantage, as more people grow accustom to learning through videos online then likewise marketers can use videos in a similar manner! Meaning marketers can use videos to demonstrate how their product works or how their service is performed to education and persuade customers to choose them.


Since COVID-19 has limited the amount of personal interact between business owners and customers this is also a great way to introduce yourself! Video marketing can be used to not only showcase the product/service but also the people behind the business in order to create a connection and increase trust in your business!



Some broad categories of video content include:


  • Product Demonstration- Showcase your product and all of its features
  • Company Culture video- Showcase your company’s values and the overall environment you foster
  • Behind- the- scenes- Showcase how your product is produced or packaged or showcase how you perform a service for the customer!
  • Customer Testimonial – Showcase a satisfied customer and their experience with your company!



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Website Design

Is a Good Website That Important for Your Small Business?

The days of turning to phonebooks for prospective businesses have long passed. Now days the first place consumers look for a possible purchase is online, in fact 88% of people research a product online before buying in-store! That is why having a good website is so important for a small business – it is your first impression in most cases.

Why is having a good website important?

People use all aspects of your business from your storefront to your showroom to your online presence to form an idea of your offerings and their quality, so if your website has not been updated for many years it may convey a negative message to consumers about your business’s overall quality.

What makes a good website?

A quality website is easy to navigate, has current information, has a modern design, and motivates the customer to do business with you. It also has to look nice on all platforms, so if the customer visits your site on their desktop, tablet or phone the website is appealing and more importantly functional. It is very important that your website includes your most current information for your business. That includes your current offers and specials, your hours of operation, your current phone number, and your current address. Your website should be considered your “home base” for your online presence, where all of the information about your business is located.

What makes a good quality website beside information?

Another major component of a quality website is high quality visuals! Visuals can include photos, videos or diagrams. If you own a restaurant, photos of food and your daily specials are key to attracting new customers to your business. Photos and videos allow customer to have a good idea of what your company offers and the better the quality of the picture the higher the quality the customer will attribute to the product.

How does a good website work with your other online presences?

If you have other online presences having a link to those social medias available on your website is a great way to increase your following on those platforms! Allowing customers a quick and easy way to find your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so they can follow your accounts increases your chances of gaining a repeat customer, since every time you post they will be reminded of your business’s offerings! Another great way to gain repeat customers through your website is to include a sign-up form for your business’s emails!


Having a quality website is crucial for businesses in today’s highly technology reliant world. If you are interested in creating a quality website for your business, please contact us today!


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