How To Grow Your Company’s Email Marketing Success

Something we ALL have experience with – Email Marketing. Whether you love it or you hate it, email marketing is a proven way to get your message to customers!


Email marketing is the practice of sending email to customers who have agreed to be a part of your email list. They could have signed up through a form on your website, a form in your store, or when checking out their purchases! This list of customers is then sent emails about future offerings your store is promoting.

An example of Email Marketing from The Wine Emporium.
The Wine Emporium Pairing & Sharing Special Event email to customers



Some other ideas for emails that are commonly used are:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Details about featured or new products
  3. Holiday shopping guides
  4. Fundraising for nonprofits

Is Email Marketing really worth it?

Studies show that this form of marketing is proven to have a return on investment, or ROI, of an average of $38 for every $1 spent! In order to achieve the best ROI possible for your email campaign it is important to be consistent. Send your list of customers periodic emails about important happenings in your business or exclusive deals, so they feel like valued customers.

What to avoid when using Email Marketing?

One thing to avoid with email marketing is over sending emails to customers. Your customer will likely stop viewing your emails if they feel they are receiving too many or that they aren’t useful. This will likely push them to unsubscribing from your email list!

How do I get more Customers to sign up to my Company’s email list?

If you are struggling to create an email list a great way to get more people to sign up is to create a giveaway! Asking Customers to simply fill out a form online or in person at your store with their email in order to enter into the giveaway is a sure-fire way to get more names on your email list. Everyone loves a good giveaway – whether it’s a simple cup with your business name or a gift card for a nice restaurant!


Another way to gain more names on your email list is to promote it on your social media. If you have an engaged following on your social media account, then asking your followers to join your email list will be something they would love to do!


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