Have you ever noticed the advertisements in a magazine or on the radio during a certain program? Did you notice that the ads often seemed to speak to a certain group of people such as women, dads or grandparents? In a nutshell, that is what media buying is.

When you make a media buy, you purchase the advertising space from a media company such as a magazine, website, newspaper, radio station, blog, or television station.

This is a very precise marketing method because it requires negotiating for the best price for the ad space as well as negotiation for the ad placement. It also requires intensive research of both the client’s target market and the demographic of the venue for optimal ad placement. For instance, you wouldn’t put an ad for a fishing rod in a beauty magazine, just as you wouldn’t put an ad for make-up in a car magazine.

As the media buyer, we will conduct extensive research to effectively link the ad and venue to the appropriate audience (your audience) for maximum results.


Despite growing trends, Television is still the number one media to reach the masses. Television is an effective piece of your marketing mix, placing your brand in front of a large, captive audience. Because the demographic is broad, we like to create a generalized, less specific message, reminding customers of your brand when the time is right. Smart Marketing partners with local networks and companies, to target very specific geographic areas at a lower cost to you.


Carefully planned, well-executed, radio campaigns can produce immediate results. What better way to reach a customer, than to deliver your message while the individual is on the way to shop. As with television, the reach is broad, and radio frequency makes an impression. Radio provides you a cost-effective approach to send your message over and over to your customers, creating top-of-mind awareness. From local spot radio to sports radio to AM/FM, Smart Marketing considers all relevant channels in planning your marketing mix.

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