If you spend any amount of time online, you’ve seen examples of paid internet advertising. This is a broad field, but it is an essential element of many business’s marketing tool kits.

There are several common types of paid internet advertising, and within those groups, there are more subgroups. It can get very complex very quickly, especially when you are trying to decide which ones are best for your company.

The primary types of paid internet advertising are:

  • Display Ads – Once upon a time, these were called banner ads. Now they have evolved to include static images, pop-up ads, video, flash, text, wallpaper, and floating banners. They usually show up on related third-party websites.
  • Email Marketing – This is one of the oldest forms of paid internet advertising and it’s still around because it works. Great email campaigns will build customer loyalty, increase sales, and encourage new customers to visit your site.
  • Native Advertising – You know that sponsored listing that is located at the end of blog posts or on your social media feeds? That’s native advertising. It can come in the form of search ads, promoted listings, recommendations widgets, and in-feed ads.
  • Remarketing or Retargeting – When a customer visits your site or looks at your product or service, then leaves without making a purchase, you can set up remarketing advertising to put ads in front of them, so they are reminded about your service or product.
  • Social Media Ads – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on. These are the new ways that people come together for like interests. Social media ads can either be paid or organic and are very effective. They are easy to target your audience and you can see the analytics right in the app.
  • Video Ads – This is a huge field with a lot of options. You can create videos about almost anything and there are a number of places to post them. Your visual story will draw customers and prospective customers to your site and give you increased visibility.
  • OTT –  With 201 million US adults now using streaming tv services, a new advertising form has emerged to reach those customers. It is known as OTT Advertising, or Over The Top Advertising, in reference to how this form of advertising bypasses the customary TV providers.  This new form of advertising is able to more precisely target customers, increase engagement, and reduce waste of valuable funds.
  • Whitelist/Blacklist – Whitelist targets users who visit a specific list of sites or apps, whether that be a group or a specific list. Blacklist rules out a list of sites or apps you don’t want you ad to appear on. It allows you to control exactly where your ad appears (or doesn’t appear).
  • We will work with you to find the best paid internet advertising avenues for your business. Then we will set them up and manage them for you. All you have to manage is all those new customers!
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