When your customers are looking for businesses like yours, will they find you? Pay per click (PPC) helps put your ads in front of the people who are looking for businesses like yours.

The good news is, paid ads have a more than 11% click-through rate on Google, but in one survey, 75% of the people questioned said that the paid search ads made it much easier for them to find what they were looking for on a search engine or website.

The problem with this is many of the PPC companies are ineffective or don’t deliver enough value for your marketing dollar.

Google Ads are our company’s PPC and it is perfect for businesses both large and small.

Say you sell hats. When a person searches for hats on Google, your listing will be front and center. Same goes for searches on Google Maps. The best part is, you only pay for the results such as calls to your business or clicks to your website.

Couldn’t you use a little boost like that?

When you sign on with us, we will create your listing and get you signed up with Google Ads so your listing can start working for you right away.

Google Service Ads: 

As a local business owner in the service sector one of the most crucial parts of finding new customers is ensuring that they are local!  By using Google Service Ads, you are guaranteed to reach those individuals that are local to your business.  Let’s say you are a landscaping business located in Greenville, South Carolina. Whenever someone in Greenville, or the surrounding areas, searches on Google.com for landscaping services relative to your business with Google Service Ads you are certain to be the first company they see!


Have you ever thought it would be really great to just grab your customers’ attention as they drove or walked past your business? Maybe tap them on the shoulder as they browsed your competitor’s shelves and showed them an exclusive deal?

Well, thanks to some cutting-edge technology, that is now a possibility. Sort of.

Geo fencing marketing is a location-based tool that allows you to connect with smartphone users who are located within a specific geographic area. That may be a store, driving down your street, on mobile web pages, or on mobile apps. It allows you to set up your advertising so when certain events occur, such as your customer walks into your competitor’s store, it generates an ad and puts it in front of the person via SMS, an app, social media, email, or another type of communication.

This type of marketing is compatible with 92% of smartphones in the U.S.

Geo fencing allows you to place a virtual fence around whatever geographic area you choose. And we can help you identify the most profitable areas and create engaging ads that get results.


Did you know that just 2% of shoppers convert (spend money) during their first visit to an e-commerce site?

The truth is the buyer’s journey is pretty convoluted. Rarely is it nice, neat and linear.

So, what happens to the other 98%? At least some will certainly come back and purchase, but how can you ensure that they come back to you and not one of your competitors?

Retargeting reaches out to that 98% and brings them back to your site, thus increasing your chances of selling to them.

The way it works sounds pretty high tech, but it’s actually pretty simple.

The platform keeps track of your web site visitors, what they view, and if they put anything in their shopping cart. Then it displays your ads for those products or services on other sites they visit online.

We will help you set up a retargeting account, create your ads and start getting those wayward customers back on your site!

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